Fluid bear (Private) - Papa Bear
Fluid bear (Private) - Papa Bear
Fluid bear (Private) - Papa Bear
Fluid bear (Private) - Papa Bear

Fluid bear (Private) - Papa Bear

Private Art Experience



For a private class for 1-4 people

Welcome to "Fluid Bears," an immersive art experience where you can create a unique and personalized bear. Our expert art instructors will guide you through the process of choosing three to five colors and mixing them to make your own color palette. Use this palette to pour the colors over a bear and create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. No prior art experience is required. Whether you're with friends, on a date, or just want to try something new, Fluid Bears is for you. Come join us and create your own personal stylish and trendy art piece.
Age 3+

Please see the spread below for an overview of what is included in the art experience.

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1. One 31 inch Bear per team (you can choose another bear size for extra charge)
2. Paint
3. Plastic aprons to protect your clothes (you can choose premium protection set for extra charge)
4. Props for applying paint on the bear (brushes, jars, etc.)